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6 Foods That'll Help You Stop Drinking

College can be a time filled with stress, and as a result, a lot of students turn to alcohol. Many students even develop an unhealthy dependence on alcohol, and sometimes that dependence takes some lifestyle changes to break. The detoxification stage, where the body seeks to divest itself of all the accrued alcohol, can take some time. While it is crucial to remain hydrated during a detox period, as the body adjusts to its reduced level of liquid sustenance, it is just as important to keep the body well-fed and adequately nourished. Fortunately, there are several notable categories of foods that can be introduced into the diet to help stave off cravings for alcohol.

Cayenne Pepper

When someone goes into detox, they are usually cut off from receiving vital nutrition and less interested in eating. This is where cayenne pepper can help. While this particular spice might not sound desirable to some, cayenne pepper has been reputed to help with pain relief and to boost metabolism, on top of its anti-inflammatory properties. Cayenne helps to increase appetite by decreasing a hormone known as ghrelin, which is responsible for reducing hunger. These benefits can not only help you develop a healthier diet, but help you quit drinking alcohol as well. Even if it cannot make a liquor detox easy, seasoning your food with cayenne will at least make sure that the process is more comfortable and flavorful.

Foods Rich in Vitamin B