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#SexualHealth101 Health Promotion Door Hangers

A great way to get useful & helpful information regarding healthy behaviors and sexual health into the hands of the students. door hangers are an innovative (and fun) way to keep students on the right track, and provide critical information when they need help. We would be delighted to hare this valuable resource with your campus. Please get in touch to find out more.

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College is a place where many students explore their sexuality. You can do this safely by following these tips!

1. Talk openly with your partner, create a safe place for you both to express yourselves. Don't be afraid to talk openly about sexual safety with your partner. Avoiding sex when you are intoxicated will dramatically increase the quality of this kind of conversation. Sex shouldn’t be painful or scary, so if you are nervous or uncomfortable with any element of your sexual relationship, speak up! If your partner isn't supportive, it begs the question: do you really want to have sex with this person? Your health care provider can also provide non-judgmental advice.

2. Consent sounds like this:YES! YES! YES!!

(continuous, healthy & exuberant)

For a great lesson on consent - please watch Tea Consent:

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3. Be safe-Always use barriers such as condoms or dental dams. Avoid having sex when you ‘re intoxicated. Use a buddy system at parties.

4. Get tested when it's appropriate...preferably before you have a new partner, rather than after a risky encounter. A health care provider can advise you on what to test for and when, based on your specific risk factors. For information about testing, visit the Wellness Center.

5. Get an annual checkup! Whether you’re male or female, getting your equipment checked out regularly is a must, and it provides you a valuable opportunity to get advice, screenings and immunizations that greatly reduce your chances of getting sick or pregnant. And these are free with most insurances. No brainer! Also-check with The Wellness Center and learn how campus telehealth can help you stay happy and healthy (for all your medical needs)

6. Talk to a trusted human. Find someone to talk to. Many students in college have questions about their sexuality and some even feel confused. It helps to get perspective from someone you trust. If you need someone to talk to for advice, or if you’ve had unwanted sexual contact, please contact a confidential advisor at the Wellness Center by calling (802)287-8376 Additionally, our title IX coordinator is Janie Evans (802) 287-8203. We are here to help.

7. While you may feel pressure from a partner or those around you to engage in certain sexual activities, never do anything you aren’t completely comfortable with. It’s your body and you are in charge, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

8. Lastly-Educate yourself! Learn to stay healthy and happy. For a great, legit, student-focused resource, check out

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