student health and campus telehealth

HOW WE WORK is different. will set up an on campus telehealth clinic with robust technology so that your students are getting the best care available with telemedicine.

We have partnered with TytoCare to provide comprehensive medical exams and telehealth visits with TytoClinic. TytoClinic is a compact, all-in-one, telehealth setup.

Using an innovative bluetooth wireless handheld exam device The Tytopro device enables users to capture and share clinical quality exam data including heart and lung sounds, images of the ears, skin, and throat, blood pressure and temperature readings.

Additionally, differs in that we have  college health expertise. We understand the unique health needs of emerging young adults like no other telemedicine service.

We can also offer a suite of value added services such as disease outbreak consultation, health promotion, guidance to student affairs staff and more.

While we can adapt our services to many situations, our optimal model works like this:

  •  The patient presents to the on-site nurse (employed by the institution)

         with a medical complaint.

  • The nurse does a basic assessment and triages the patient to simple first aid, physician evaluation, or emergency care.

  • When the case is deemed appropriate for physician evaluation, the nurse creates a chart for the patient in our cloud-based electronic health record, and makes an appointment.

  • At the appropriate time, our physician connects with the patient via HIPAA-compliant, live video  conference on a computer or mobile device.

  • If an additional physical examination or simple laboratory tests (e.g. rapid strep test, urinalysis, etc.) are necessary, the nurse assists with those and reports the findings to the physician.

  • The physician makes a diagnosis and treatment recommendations, which may include a prescription that is sent to the patient’s pharmacy of choice electronically.

  • The nurse and patient receive an emailed summary of the visit, any pertinent patient education materials and any necessary information to submit to the student's insurance for reimbursement.