student health and campus telehealth

campus telehealth is a telehealth solution for campuses to improve or add access to healthcare and mental healthcare. 

We are focussed on providing healthcare access for students of residential colleges, boarding schools and camps. We solve the problem of access to these vital services by using secure videoconferencing and on-site digital diagnostic equipment to turn your health center into a virtual doctor's/therapist's office. healthcare visits conducted via telemedicine save time, resources and money for patients and institutions. 

Telemedicine is access to a Doctor, Now. 

Urgent care visits just got better by being more convenient, more affordable and more accessible. With, you will have remote access to a Doctor who specializes in adolescent health.  We use cutting edge technology that allows us to gather vital statistics so we can accurately treat patients. 80% of cases are totally treatable with telemedicine.  All you need is wifi.   Get in touch today to learn more!